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Take our survey, help Bangalore evolve!

Dear Bangaloreans,

We’re proud to announce that our comprehensive Survey titled Night life in Bangalore is finally Live. You can access it here.

While answering the questions herein, please keep in mind that we apply a broader meaning to the term night life. So we aren’t canvassing for pubs and bars to remain open till later. What we want is for every Bangalorean to be able to:
1)    Pursue legitimate employment and recreational opportunities.
2)    Efficiently respond to personal and medical emergencies.
3)    Utilize the streets of the city at all times without fear, irrespective of their gender, social status, age etc.

While Bangalore facilitates these basic needs with aplomb during the daytime, the same cannot be said of the night. Indeed, after 10 pm, the city wears a decidedly deserted look in most localities, causing life to come to a virtual standstill. This is the issue we’re quantifying.

By collating and analyzing the responses of this survey, Midnight’s Children of Bangalore will crystallize the wish-list of Bangaloreans. Once that is done, we will approach the city’s decision-making bodies (such as the police department, BMTC, Namma Metro, BDA etc) and request them to take appropriate actions. Additionally, we expect the survey to unearth hidden demands which the private sector might want to address.

On an average, it will take you around 8 minutes to respond to the questionnaire (which has 48 survey questions plus 12 questions related to demography). Please have no doubts that your response will go a long way in transforming our beloved city and bringing it on par with major global metropolises.

We request you to also share this Survey with as many Bangaloreans as you can. The more the respondents, the clearer the wish-list. Hope you have as much  fun filling out this questionnaire as we had creating it.

Also, we’re always looking for volunteers to take this initiative forward. Whether you’re a student, working professional, retired or housewife, we need your help. Do get in touch with us at midnightschildrenofbangalore@gmail.com. Our volunteers swear that contributing in this space enhances their own skills and personality – one of 15 reasons you should be part of this initiative.

Until next time, let’s continue to celebrate the uniqueness of Namma Bengaluru.


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